Ambient Cinematic Guitars 1-3


Ambient Cinematic Guitars 1-3

acg - Ambient Cinematic Guitars 1-3

The Ambient Cinematic Guitar Trilogy is a collection of guitars processed to sound perfect in cinematic music. Get ready to instantly add something new to your scores.

** This instrument has been superseded by The Ambient Cinematic String Theory Collection. **

  • Includes Ambient Cinematic Guitar 1, 2 & 3.
  • Kontakt instrument sampling the ambient & cinematic sound of the electric guitar.
  • Over 0.7 GB of samples (0.5 GB download).

What people are saying about Ambient Cinematic Guitar:

Read David Rosen’s review here: link

“Really liking the products you guys are putting out! Favourite so far is the Ambient Cinematic Guitar.”

“Ambient Cinematic Guitar is an incredible little library that has a gorgeous lush sound perfect for contemporary film scores or ambient music.”

“Ambient Cinematic Guitar 3 is an instantly playable collection of beautiful guitars for Kontakt. This guitar is wonderfully sampled and gives a lush, ambient feel. It would be perfect in all kinds of music from film scores to electronica and everything in between. It is definitely an instrument that could fit in many of my future compositions though, so I can see myself coming back to it time and time again.” – David Rosen

Ambient Cinematic Guitar 1 & 2
When you say cinematic music most people think orchestra. While you can’t beat the sound of violins and cellos, another stringed instrument, the electric guitar, is increasingly being featured on the latest movie scores. This Kontakt instrument makes echoey leads, bass tones and pads, which are all essential if you want to start scoring with an electric guitar as your main instrument.

We took a vintage electric guitar, plugged it through multiple effects chains and recorded its lush sound. Then we used post-recording effects and manipulation to really bring out the electric guitars hidden cinematic character.

Include in the the Ambient Cinematic Guitar 2 library are percussive sounds made through slapping the fretboard, to allow the incorporation of rhythm into your melodies.

Ambient Cinematic Guitar 3
Ambient Cinematic Guitar 1 & 2 have been our most successful products to date. We took what you guys loved about original instruments, headed back to the lab and came back with our hottest product so far. You get a beautifully lush electric guitar with all the ambient and cinematic quality you need. As usual, we’ve included a pad soundscape and a deep thumping bass to really amp up that sound for you.

Ambient Cinematic Guitar, or ACG3 as we call it, sounds perfect on its own and even better alongside your regular instruments. Welcome to the future of your composing capabilities.