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  • Kora [ A West-African Harp ]

    Screenshot 2020 08 10 at 13.14.40 - Kora [ A West-African Harp ]

    Sonic Zest presents… Kora – a 21-string harp from Mali. This is the only dedicated deeply-sampled Kora sample library available. We spent a freezing cold Friday in January with the renowned Kora player Josh Doughty, meticulously sampling his West African harp in a London studio. There’s literally nothing else that sounds like it.

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  • Harmonic Songbird Synth

    Screenshot 2020 07 30 at 18.21.47 - Harmonic Songbird Synth

    We set out to build a synthesiser, within Kontakt, where deeply sampled electric guitar harmonics act as the oscillators and a powerful engine with a beautiful GUI allows you to modulate your sounds and create interesting textures.

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  • Electric Monsoon & Electric Rain

    electric monsoon - Electric Monsoon & Electric Rain

    We took a Fender Telecaster and a Les Paul and recorded octave tremolos across their full range. What you get when you spread this across a keyboard and start playing chords is an absolute monsoon of lush textures and a torrential rainstorm of nanoscopic details that beautifully weave in and out. This is absolute ear […]