Ambient Cinematic Guitar 4

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Ambient Cinematic Guitars 4

Screen Shot 2017 09 27 at 08.55.40 - Ambient Cinematic Guitar 4

Ambient Cinematic Guitar 4 is the latest instalment in our collection of guitar libraries specially recorded and processed to sound perfect in epic film music.

** This instrument has been superseded by The Ambient Cinematic String Theory Collection. **

  • Kontakt instrument sampling the ambient & cinematic sound of the electric guitar.
  • Multiple sound design patches, include pads and leads
  • 5x Round Robins
  • Over 0.5 GB of samples (0.2 GB download).

What people have said about the series so far

 “Ambient Cinematic Guitar is an incredible little library that has a gorgeous lush sound perfect for contemporary film scores or ambient music.”

The Ambient Cinematic Guitar 4

 The Ambient Cinematic Guitar Trilogy has been our most successful outing to date. So we went back into the studio and expanded the library by introducing a fourth instrument to the mix.

The electric guitar is increasingly being used in movie soundtracks,  a recent favourite of ours is James Newton Howard’s work on the 2014 film Nightcrawler.

Our latest recording consists of a clean recording of a vintage electric guitar accompanied with a host of sound design work, perfect for your next composition. See it in action below:

Watch Ambient Cinematic Guitar 4 in action