Prince George’s Typewriter

typewriter 3 - Prince George's Typewriter

Prince George’s Typewriter

From the vaults of history we present to you our newest Kontakt instrument: Typewriter of Prince George, in commemoration of the baby royals christening.

typewriter gui - Prince George's Typewriter

In the spirit of Dario Marianelli’s work on the 2007 film Atonement, this new and exciting instrument samples every click, clack, rattle, ring and bang of this antique typewriter.

The Typewriter of Prince George is an instantly playable instrument. Whether you’re after inspiration or simply need to add something unusual to your scores, this instrument is capable of delivering. It features sounds recorded from all across the typewriter, from simple letter hits to carriage returns, if the typewriter could make it we recorded it. We’ve even included some longer samples of the typewriter actually being used for realistic effect.

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Product information

  • Unusual, percussive sampling of an antique typewriter.
  • Full of cinematic character, this will add a taste of history to your arrangements.
  • 18 MB download (45 MB when expanded).
  • 5x round robin for 30 different typewriter sounds.
  • Instantly playable.
  • Released in commemoration of Prince George’s christening (23rd October 2013).
typewriter 2 - Prince George's Typewriter