Glass Hand Drums & Glass Quintet

glass 1 - Glass Hand Drums & Glass Quintet

Glass Hand Drums & Glass Quintet

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About Glass Hand Drums

Halfway between percussion and melodic instrument sits these glass hand drums. Sonically they are reminiscent of hand drums and halo drums.

To capture beauty and quirky nature of these instruments 5x round robins and 3 velocity layers were utilised. What you hear is the sound of the drums being patted, clapped and slapped to unearth their haunting tones. A sound design patch also comes with the instrument, which produces a pad-like sound that would probably work well in a horror movie.

Sonic Zest’s Glass Hand Drums sits perfectly in any mix. It’s great to any set-up and is ideal for playing lullabies and other lead melodies that you may be working on.

About Glass Quintet

The Glass Absolute Quintet is an exciting sample library featuring five glasses, each selected to cover the full chromatic range. We have the soprano sound of the Champagne Flute all the way down to the baritone of the Punch glass bowl. The glasses have been hit and rubbed across the rim to produce resonance.

Naturally the pitch of each glass spans only an octave, with the high end of the scale being glassy and angelic sounding, while the low end drones and is rich in natural vibrato. Given the nature of the instrument, getting a perfect pitch using just water was a hard task. Minimal audio manipulation was required after the recording session to ensure that each note was perfectly tuned. The tones have been spread chromatically outside their normal range for playability.

Product information

  • Features melodic glass drums played with hands and a quintet of glass instruments: champagne, brandy, burgundy, wine and punch glasses.
  • 5x round robin and 3 velocity layers.
  • 0.2 GB download
glass 1 - Glass Hand Drums & Glass Quintet