String Theory Reloaded


String Theory Reloaded

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Sonic Zest presents… String Theory Reloaded. Guitars don’t normally sound like this…

** This instrument has been superseded by The Ambient Cinematic String Theory Collection. **

  • Kontakt instrument sampling a muted Telecaster and a muted bass guitar.
  • Contains multiple sound design patches.
  • Includes guitar noise FX.
  • Over 600 MB of samples (185 MB download).

String Theory

Read David Rosen’s review here: link

We took great sounding guitars, such as the Telecaster, and captured the delicate sound of it being played while palm-muted. Presented here are two clean recordings of Muted Telecasters and Muted Basses.

We then played around with the sounds to create a couple of different patches to help you when composing. The first sound design patch is the Tele Pad. This is a very breathy pad that sounds nothing like a guitar, but perfect for when composing. The final patch, the Bass Arp. We took the original source material from our muted bass guitar, and distorted it, EQ’d it, filtered it and then ran it through an arpeggiator. What you’re left with is a very synth, rhythmic, 80’s Miami sound, which words perfectly well with the rest of the patches on offer here.

Mixing it up

We’d suggest mixing this library with Cinematic Soundscape and the Cinematic Percussion Engine if you’re after a a truly extraordinary voyage into composing.

As seen on YouTube

String Theory was recently featured on the Samplecast show (Episode 34). Take a look: