Sonic Zest - African Tube Percussion

  • Unique Kontakt instrument sampling pitched African wooden tubes.
  • 3x round robin.
  • Contains dry and reverb presets, alongside pad-like sounds and a step-sequencer for arpeggios.
  • Chromatically pitched over 3 octaves, C2 - D5, for playability.
  • Instantly playable.


    What people are saying about African Tube Percussion:
    - “Sounds cool! Congrats on the new release!”
    - “African Tube Percussion is another unusual library that provides a really authentic African sound and is a no brainer for the price.”

    We recently stumbled across this instrument in a pop-up shop. The lady was selling Ghanaian imports, amongst which we found this set of African percussive tubes.

    Each tube, of which there were 10 in total, was captured times to give a 3x round robin. Minimal audio manipulation was required after the recording session to ensure that each note was perfectly tuned. The tones have been spread chromatically across the keyboard range for playability. Then with a bit of sound design we created some additional patches, including a lovely sounding pad. A step-sequencer has also been added to help compose interesting rhythms and arpeggios.

    The African Tube Percussion Kontakt instrument is a great addition for any composer.


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