Maple Mandolin

  • Every note of the mandolin was sampled four times.
  • Four round robins per note, alternating between up and down strokes.
  • Over 200 unique samples.
  • Includes percussive mandolin hits.
  • Instantly playable.
  • 80 MB download (200 MB when extracted).

What people are saying about Maple Mandolin:
“I love the sound of the Maple Mandolin library, it’s very nice.”

From the Godfather to Captain Correli, the sound of the mandolin has graced many soundtracks. Sonic Zest’s newest release, Maple Mandolin, captures the sound of this captivating instrument.

Each note of the guitar was sampled four times, two up strokes and two down strokes. The Kontakt instrument was then programmed to alternate between these up and down strokes. This gives the instrument added realism

Having sampled it’s musical side, it was then time to sample its percussive side. Every side and surface was hit with thumbs and knuckles. Like the main instrument, four samples for each hit were recorded to give 4x round robins.