Not only do we love making sample libraries, we also love composing soundtracks. Take a listen to what we’ve done below and feel free to get in touch if you ever require a bespoke composition for your latest project.


For five days of the year, Pushkar is home to one of India’s most spectacular festivals: The Pushkar Camel Fair. Held each November around the time of the Kartik Purnima full moon, hundreds of thousands of people flock, from all over Rajasthan, with their camels, horses and cattle to trade, worship and celebrate. My soundtrack was inspired by Moombahton and various Indian vibes.

Life in North Korea

Few people get to visit North Korea. This is a short film that I created alongside my brother – filming by him, soundtrack by myself. What we saw was beautiful and colourful, hence why the soundtrack deviates from the tense and wacky music used in other NK documentaries. You can read more about the soundtrack here – ‘Composing for Life in North Korea‘.

We Choose The Moon

My brother and I created this film using NASA archive footage and the historic and uplifting “We choose to go the Moon” speech by John F. Kennedy. We wanted to create a film that was both uplifting and inspiring.

The Robin

The Robin soundtrack consists of pizzicato strings, staccato tenor recorder, jazzy piano keys, trumpets and plenty of orchestral trills to emphasise the leaps and gulps of this revengeful yet compassionate garden bird.

Beth Fenton – Photorealism

This is a short film shot by my brother showcasing the talent of our incredible friend, the photorealist Beth Fenton. The soundtrack features features moody piano, cello, hand claps and a beautiful harp solo at the end.


Short film shot in a national park in Patagonia, Chile.