Apricot Duduk

One of the oldest instruments known to man…

  • The unique cinematic and ancient sound of the Armenian duduk.
  • Made using an apricot wood duduk.
  • Instantly playable.

What people are saying about Ambient Cinematic Guitar:
“I love using Sonic Zest’s Apricot Duduk. It produces an incredible, realistic sound. It is a beautiful sounding instrument, one I use again and again. This instrument really blew me away!” – Leanna Primiani

One of the oldest instruments known to man, the duduk originates from the Middle Eastern country of Armenia. It is similar to the oboe, it that it makes use of a double reed. The body of the instrument is traditionally made from apricot wood.

The Apricot Duduk is a beautiful recording of the 10 hole instrument. As it’s not the most sophisticated instrument, the tuning is far from perfect. The pitch was perfectly tuned for each note post recording, and then spread over the keyboard for a fuller chromatic range, from G2 up to C4.